“if you realised how powerful your thoughts were you would never think a negative thought” – peace pilgrim

do you know your purpose?

i know mine!

my purpose here on earth is to help you live that life you desire by assisting you in changing your current thought patterns and behaviours.

(what the hell does that mean??) 

  • it means getting clear – once and for all – about what you desire. and then, going after it.
  • it means uncovering the true blocks that are holding you back.
  • it means creating new processes to push you towards your goals.
  • it means being comfortable with where you are at in your journey.
  • it means trusting yourself and your intuition.
  • it means knowing you are worthy  of happiness and a life filled with love

this kind of work is done together. i am not here to “fix” you, only you can do that.

what i will do is help you get real with yourself, cut the ties to whatever it is that is holding you back and latch onto what will pull you forward.

why?? because you were born to live a glorious life. we all were.

we all have skeletons in the closet, things and people we wish we hadn’t encountered, people may have been unkind, even cruel or perhaps we were the cruel one.  i know that we can change the ending of our story at any given time if we choose to do so.  you deserve the happy ending as much as the next person.

as simple as it is, it has taken me years for me to believe it and see it happen with my own eyes (including my third one).  apart from being a thought coach and energy healing facilitator i have had years of experience in mistake making. although now i realise those “mistakes were my “must-takes” i had to go through to lead me back to living in the light.  when you choose each day to live in the light, your truth  and the rest of this lavida loca becomes a walk in the park (or the beach if you prefer the sand and water).

so what i am most passionate about is help you get whatever it is you truly want.

that sounds just find and dandy right? queue the heavens opening up and the light of the universe shining down its blessings upon you because you have found what you have been searching for…….

but your head is saying hold up, what’s this sydney girl really on about then?

so here you go:

  • the people i work with are READY. they are people that have come to a point where something has got to give or they need a bit of clarity on how to improve themselves and take that “next step”.  this has lead to some mind blowing achievements. new business ventures beginning, finding the courage to leave bad relationships, non existent anxiety, 15kgs in weight loss as well as few new mummies.
  • i will not be attending your pity party. if you are looking for someone to just agree that life is too hard, men/woman are crappy, the world is against you then i’m not the coach for you.  however if you see that the glass is half full (well i think its pretty much 3/4 all the time) then let’s start NOW.
  • i will make you take a good look at yourself. shake things up a little and get your unconscious mind (the place thats holding all your beliefs and patterns) open to the possibilities of a greater state of being than what you are currently experiencing.
  • i know where you are coming from.  i’ve been stuck before too.  the toxic relationship, the eating too much, the eating too little, partying too much, hate my job etc etc.  i even took the route of of moving countries on countless occasions but until you TURN UP and take action then nothing changes.  and if this hopeful romantic, ex party girl can do it then by all means you can do it too.
  • i am trained in the following.  NLP master practitioner, mind detox method, reconnective healing, reiki, astrology and pilates.
  • i have passionate interests in: meditation (practiced daily), crystals (they are just so pretty), angel cards (when i need a bit more confirmation) and past lives (well its just so damn interesting don’t you think?)
  • when i’m not coaching or facilitating an energy session: i am reading but not kindle, real books as i love the smell of them.  i also love the smell of wet cement on a rainy day. i brunch a lot with my soul sisters and brothers, spend time with family. i’m human. just like you :)

this is YOUR life.

are you ready to take control?

are you ready to change your thoughts?

if you want it – then i will gladly help you get it.

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