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you only live once. but if you do it right, once is enough – mae west

my name is ann-maree. i’m a thought coach and energy healing facilitator from sydney australia.

Ann Maree Cogan Portraits by Gaye Gerard Photography (www.gayegerard.com)

i spent a lot of time living in a “dark place” creating a life which was full of heart ache and sorrow. it wasn’t until i realised that my thoughts were creating my life that i was able to turn my life around.  now i’m living a purpose driven life helping others harness the power of their thoughts and energy.

at the age of 21 i found myself with a one way ticket to england trying to run away from my life. not realising that my problems had stowed away in my mind. it took many crazy trips, a couple of broken hearts and adventures across the globe for me to wake up to myself. that’s when i started to take control of my thoughts and energy.

today i coach beautiful souls in managing their thoughts and facilitate mind blowing and soul awakening energy healing sessions.

things you may not know about me:

  • i was painfully shy growing up. so much so i was nicknamed “mute”
  • i spent a year traveling and working around the caribbean on a cruise ship.
  • i’ve worked in a fruit market, a dry cleaner, in a finance company, for a magazine, a luxury day spas and gyms. on islands, on cruise ships and done operations management for wellness and beauty companies. and i loved all of the roles.
  • bacon would have to be my favourite food.
  • 4 hours of television a week is all i will allow myself. which will more than likely be english reality tv and something to do with vampires.
  • i freakin love doing burpees. (that’s not a lie just ask my trainer). i’m aiming to do 10 unassisted pull-ups by the end of 2015. 
  • the philippines is my mother’s country of origin and i have been there over 20 times.
  • every vision board i have ever made has completely come true.
  • i’m so looking forward to hearing from you

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