i literally hear this statement at least 3 times a day from my clients in my coaching practice.  “i want to be the old me”.  soul after soul longing to be someone that they used to be.

carefree me, don’t care what anyone says me, stand up for myself me, the live life to the fullest me.

where does “old me” go?

old me is still inside you somewhere.  old me does not just disappear with those odd socks in the laundry, 4257 missing bobby pins and a few of my ex boyfriends.  over time, circumstances and situations change. we get older.  so we have responsibilities, rent, mortgages, children, school fees, holidays, horrible bosses, horrible partners and so on and so on.  old me has not got the right brain software to deal with all these new things that are happening.

poor little old me is not compatible to its new responsibilities.  so old me hides.

and then there is current me. current me is coping so well with the current state of affairs.  current me longs for old me’s ways. not necessarily old me’s life entirely.  just a few old me’s characteristics would be great.

now current me is not all doom and gloom.  current me may have just had a hard time.  current me is who i prefer to call wiser me.  wiser me has now been there done that.  knows the tricks and lived to tell the tale.

depending on the individual (because we are all on our own individual fantasmagorical journey) we (my client and i) look at how best bring back a bit of old me, cheer up current me/wiser me and develop (you guessed it brothers and sisters) NEW ME!

here’s a few things you might want to try and help you create your new me:

  • listen to some music that old me loves. when i personally tap into old me and i need that carefree and i turn on some snoop dog and tupac.  i sometimes even get up and have wiggle. firing off triggers that invoke old thought patterns awakens old me and encourages old me to come out and play.
  • taking a pause – in the moment just before you respond you can take a breath and say to yourself “how would old me respond?” and you would be suprised at how quickly old me can take the reigns and act on your behalf.  you could even try this with new me by asking “how would i like new me to respond?” just by asking the question will get the imagination and creativity of new me up and running.
  • remind yourself – setting your day up the right way is important. a little morning thought changer could be something like “morning world, i know you have a lot in store for me today and i would love serve in the best possible way and to do so let it be easy for me to tap into that part of myself that handles it well the combination of my old fabulous self, with the amazing soul that i am now. thanks a bunch. much love”

creating new me is the amazing amalgamation of old me and wiser me.

in my experience and my clients we would agree that this is the best me to be.



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