gosh it sucks when this happens.  things are all hunky dory. you’re going out for dinners, spending hours on the phone, getting those afternoon the thinking of you text messages are coming through at a comfortable not psychopath rate and then BOOM. nothing.  tumble weed city. all of a sudden you’re left wondering where in gods name they have disappeared to and why the hell haven’t they at least given  you a heads up.

but you see thats the thing. NO MESSAGE IS STILL A MESSAGE.

let’s not jump the gun here. give the person at least 24 hours to reply.  there are some people that go into a meltdown if can’t see that little typing bubble replying as soon as you’ve hit that send button.

in prehistoric times before the cell phone was invented you rang the house phone you left a message. if they were a little fancy you may even get an answering machine to leave a message on.

but when you receive NOTHING NADA ZERO ZILTCH for more than a few days then that in itself is a crystal clear message that they do not want to communicate with you.  it could be for a million different reasons.  i could spend the rest of my days coming up with reasons.  they dropped their phone in the loo.  they’ve been in back to back meetings. they’re not feeling well. they’re just going for a rough patch. a rapid dog bit off their good texting hand.  they had a massive bender and ended up incarcerated.

so what do YOU do now?

the only thing you can do really. get on with it. get on with life. we are only in charge of our own actions. we can’t make or force anyone to contact us or be in our lives. further more would you want to have someone in your life that thinks not communicating is okay ? i think not.

think of it as a blessing a sign from the universe a dodged bullet.  look they may turn up down the track they may not.

maybe when you do you can take them back or maybe when they do you are with someone way hotter and nicer than they ever were.

its entirely your choice how to handle to it.

pick the happy path.

change your thoughts




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