i am so guilty of this myself.  whenever my day or days start to get a little bit strange, perhaps i start seeing 11:11 a lot or strangers getting feisty in the car park when i’m on the grocery run i google the moon.

“oh it’s a new moon in gemini – that’s why everything is so cray cray.” or  “mercury is retrograding so i better not sign any documents and be really clear when i communicate”.

look, i studied astrology many, many moons ago (pun intended) and i totally get that there are literally energies out that that do govern certain aspects of our lives but how much of that should we take on board?  there appears to be a growing number of soulies, moon lovers and astrological enthusiasts that seem to be using the planets and stars as reasons for acting certain ways.

“i’m a gemini so i can’t decide because there is two me”,

“i’m so emotional but it’s a full moon so thats why”,  

“mercury is retrograding and i’m an aquarius so i can’t help if my ex comes back and we end up in bed together”.

horoscopes and planetary movements can give us insights on what is happening around us but at the end of the day what we direct our thoughts to will create the life we experience.

so if we install the belief that it’s best that i don’t go out on full moons as odd things happen then all my mind is set on seeing and drawing into experience are odd things. this one works as i have had this one for a long time myself.  perhaps if i had a belief that full moons are always the best nights out for me i would probably plan my social life accordingly.

it’s easy to blame something else then taking ownership of our actions. as i write this we are roughly 7 days out from the next full moon, and since my moon, sun and mercury are in aquarius i will be mindful that where ever the planets are or how much the moon is phasing that i am the one who ultimately can shift my life in the direction i so desire.




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