even as I typed that heading out I can still feel the little sting that rejection brings.

being a coach I know I am  torn when it comes to situations like this. the coaching part of me wants to look at the situation, detached from the emotion and find the learning in it.  then there is the girl in me. the girl that was probably not prepared to really share her feelings but was going to anyway in hope that the situationship she had found herself in could be less fraught with drama by just laying her cards on the table….. but he never turned up.

so there I was alone and rejected. and yes I cried a little.

okay maybe alot.

okay i bawled and stuffed my face with cheese fries it’s a fresh wound cut me some slack would you? (and the salt whilst too please).

when we are caught up in that moment of excruciating pain (i mean they call it heart break for a reason – your chest feels likes its caved in.) the gift of rejection is not visible and it doesn’t help that your mid ugly cry face either.

i apply my 3 day recovery method to myself now as an adult so that i am able to move beyond the hurt but the most important part is the gift or what other people may call the learning or lesson.

perhaps take a moment to look at that relationship like it were a movie. would you really want the star (ie yourself) end up with that person?  take off your rose coloured glasses and see the situation for what it truly is.

something that comes up in pretty much all sessions with my clients is the truth that we are not in control others we are only in control of ourselves. so what do you want to do with this gift of rejection?

use it.

use it to drive you towards something else. perhaps finish that book you wanted. try the martinis at that bar your friends are tagging you in. start training for that summer body.

however you use your gift and rework that gift of rejection energy into something more positive know that you really are the star of your own movie. you are writing directing and producing it any given moment. so for whatever reason there is an unexpected plot twist that the star (thats you and don’t you forget it) can have a happily ever after ending.




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