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“whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – napoleon hill

Ann Maree Cogan Portraits by Gaye Gerard Photography (www.gayegerard.com)

let’s make things happen

are you:

  • an enlightened soul ready to truly manifest the life you are supposed to live
  • ready to have better communication within all relationships
  • prepared to punch your fears in the face
  • looking for a little guidance in laying the ground work for your fabulous life
  • develop your self-belief and assertiveness and confidence.

let me facilitate a space for you to align their thoughts and intentions. everyone has all the resources they need to make positive changes in their life.  facilitating these changes, leaving you to concentrate on what you are thinking, feeling and any other sensory observations.
new patterns of behaviour are established and the techniques learned can be used in other situations. so you become your own expert. 

how does it work?

we meet either in person if you’re in sydney or we have a virtual coffee over skype. each session goes for 60 minutes with a week in between.

how many sessions will i need?

as we are all individuals it is difficult to say how many sessions you would require, but majority of clients choose a month long intensive (4 sessions over 4 weeks). in saying that i have had clients work with me up to 6 months when we are doing a complete life overhaul and work on all areas of life.

how can thought coaching help?
thought coaching  can be used for any mind, body or spiritual issue. 

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what clients say about it?

Upon meeting Ann-Maree one cannot help but be drawn towards her calm energy. I find her to be an enlightened soul who posesses a gentle and soothing approach to helping people resolve their work-ons without judgement. Ann-Maree is able facilitate even the most tense person in truly letting go and relaxing body and mind without invading privacy of thought. Personally, I have found her visualization techniques complement the innate creative processes- allowing the individual to let go of limiting thought patterns; and her logic in reorganising the brain to remove conflicted beliefs is illuminating. Ann-Maree is a gift from the universe.  

lisi ulrich-smith – fourelementsfitness.com.au


Working with Ann-Maree is just like having a great chat with that one friend who knows exactly how to listen, and exactly what to say. I left each session feeling revitalised, empowered and refocused, no matter what issue was discussed. Whenever I need that confidence boost, pick-me-up, reality check or weight lifted off my shoulders, I give Ann-Maree a call. She’s brilliant!

larina robinson – thebodydietetics.com

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